An Annual Programme of Chanting, Talks and Meditation

Annual Training  Reflect Recharge Refocus

Adherents of religious traditions commonly set aside a period of intense religious practices to nurture their spiritual growth. In Japan, winter austerities are practised from the martial arts to religion. Often, this involves exposing oneself to some form of regimen involving mental and physical discipline that cultivates determination, humility, and a new perspective to make a fresh start. During this coldest time in the Northern Hemisphere coinciding with the closing of the lunar year, many Buddhist monks go through a period of austerities that include alms-begging, waterfall ablutions, and prayer offerings.

At Shinnyo-en, members take this period as an opportunity to take themselves back to the origins of the Shinnyo Path and reflect on the founding spirit of the Shinnyo-en’s founders, Shinjo and Tomoji Ito. Shinnyo-en was born out of their decision to undertake spiritual training in early January of 1936. Feeling they wanted to do more for the world around them, they resolved to live a life based on loving compassion and self-less altruism, and in turn to help others discover similar qualities.

The Annual Training period at Shinnyo-en is an opportunity for us to do the same—to reflect on how far we’ve come, to recharge by drawing fresh inspiration, and to refocus—setting out on a renewed course toward achieving our spiritual goals. Annual Training is a new start that can help us reflect on how, like Shinjo and Tomoji, we can make use of what we encounter ahead to transform our lives. For them, it meant becoming a guiding light for others.

By the end of the Annual Training period, with renewed determination to carry on their legacy to act for the welfare of others, each of us can be inspired to set new goals to aspire towards fulfilling in the coming year. In line with the altruistic purpose of the Shinnyo Founders to reach out to others, our Annual Training is designed to be an inclusive programme accessible even to those who are new to Buddhist practice. 

20th (Sat) - 24th  (Wed) January:  6:30 am & 11 am (repeat) 

29th (Mon) January - 2nd (Fri) February: 11 am & 7 pm (repeat) 

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